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Empowering Representation: Why Supporting Original Characters by Underrepresented Creators is Vital

As a long-time comic book fan and collector for over 30 years, I appreciate the efforts made by comic book publishers to introduce diverse versions of popular characters like Miles Morales Spiderman and Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan. However, growing up, I personally didn't develop an interest in these reimagined characters. Instead, I focused on creating my own original comic book heroes that I could be proud of.

While it's possible to change the race and gender of a character, it's important to recognize that this doesn't make it an entirely original creation. Furthermore, these characters are typically owned by corporations, rather than individuals from the communities they represent. The profits generated from these characters primarily benefit the corporations, which can be disheartening.

In my opinion, a more equitable approach would be to provide minorities with the opportunity to create their own characters and maintain full ownership of them. This would allow us to showcase our own unique imagination and perspectives. While it's inspiring to see independent characters created by people of color, it can be incredibly challenging to compete with large companies that possess vast resources and influence.

In conclusion, while the introduction of diverse versions of popular characters is a positive step, it would be truly empowering to witness greater recognition and financial benefits for characters created by individuals from underrepresented communities. Giving minorities the platform and ownership they deserve will foster a more inclusive and authentic representation within the comic book industry.

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